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100% of your tax deductible donation will go directly from Venture to Light House Foundation Nepal to help these young girls.  In addition to their personal financial contribution, time, and energy, each team member will fund all of their travel related expenses.


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Brad & Dawn Ahlm


Across  the world in Nepal, young girls in the Badi caste face of life of suffering not known to us. In this past year Dawn went there to see it  first hand and cannot forget the burden we have to help these young  girls. Many of them are sold into sex trafficking at ages as young as  the age of 9. We have a chance to help!

To rescue one girl from sex trafficking in Nepal costs $1000. Our group goal is to rescue 100  girls and change their lives forever! Going up and down the Grand Canyon  is no easy task! There are 21 miles to traverse the trails rim to rim  of the Grand Canyon. This physical challenge bears no comparison to the  daily pain and suffering of these girls. We share for a brief time some  discomfort with them as we seek to raise the funds to help change their  lives. Please join us in efforts. Every dollar given will go directly  from Venture to Lighthouse Foundation. The costs of the trip have  already been covered so that 100% of your donation goes to the girls.

Kallan & Amanda Blake


In February, Amanda had the honor of going to Nepal to meet the amazing girls that Hiking for Hope supports through Venture. We are hiking because these girls deserve someone to fight for them. It is in no way fair that these girls were born into a system that says they are less than. God says they are made in His image, they are His daughters and they are co-heirs of His kingdom. In Nepal, everyone is a sister or brother. We are hiking because our sisters need our help. Will you join us?

Yannin & Claudia Dominguez


Once you have seen you cannot unsee- two years ago Pat Skahen saw a need and heard the call.  Since then everyone around him has continued to experience the impact.  I am honored to be part of the team. 

I won’t deny that sometimes I disagree with going all the way across the world to help someone, especially when I see so many needs right in my backyard - in our neighborhoods, on our borders.  But, as an immigrant in this country, I believe wholeheartedly in the fact that goodness can only be multiplied.  As I move out of the way to allow others to speak up for me in this nation, I lean in to join a team that believes in the bright future of those around us and all across the world. 

I have the opportunity to love my community here from home, but also have the opportunity to impact people I have never met before. We all have this power! Not just to climb a mountain, to stand, run a marathon, or raise our voice against injustice.  We have the power to choose to see injustice and join agents of change. 

Those we support and hike for have become our neighbors, our brothers, and our sisters. They are no longer just people across the world.  Join me in raising awareness and support for the Badi people. 


Connor Embretson


I hope that you will come along with me in providing hope to these young girls in Nepal.  These girls are being trafficked at such a young age.   I can't imagine their pain and suffering with no control over their life.  I am going on this hike to raise awareness of this pain and provide funds to help them out of their crisis.  Every $ given will go  towards one more day of safe housing and education.  Please pray and  donate with me as I do this 21 mile journey into the Grand Canyon 

Gary Embretson


My heart is broken as I hear stories of how these girls are taken advantage of emotionally and physically.  Without others stepping in and providing a helping hand, they have little hope.  My goal is that this event will bring back hope to these young girls, that other people will walk side by side with me to raise funds and awareness.  I am going to hike this Grand Canyon Trial with an elevation drop of almost one mile just to feel a moment of pain and show these girls that we really do care about them.  I am giving my time and money and am asking for you to partner with me and the team on this very important project.

Kyle & Lisa Groves


We’re so excited to put our faith into action and do our best to raise awareness (and some funds) for the tragic cycle of violence in Nepal. And faith is right. It takes faith to believe we’ll make it down and back on this hike, but we’ve been training hard and eating (mostly) right. And praying for strength. And yet, whatever discomfort we’ll feel pales in comparison to what the girls of Nepal experience daily (read their story here). It’s hard to comprehend something like sex trafficking exists today. It’s almost so hard that it can be disregarded. And it might be, if not for the heroic work of the Venture organization and people willing to take a leap of faith. Or step. 

Please consider joining us in spirit on this venture. Every dollar you give goes directly from Venture to Light House Foundation Nepal to help these young girls. In addition to self-funding the trip and expenses, we’re committing to match whatever we raise. Thank you!

Madison Groves


My journey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back to the top this December will be difficult. But it pales in comparison to the every day plight of the Badi girls who are trafficked.  My mission is to raise awareness and funding for a safe house for these girls. It is managed by our friends through Venture so I’m confident your contributions will be used wisely. 

Thank You for joining me in this cause!

Jay & Shelly Jensen


Human trafficking continues to be a terrible reality in this world.  It won't stop unless we do something about it.....right?  Sometimes we hear those words and leave it to others to be the “We” that do something.  Then there are those other times, when your heart is touched and you cannot help but say, “I want to do something….no, I have to do something!!” and you are called to be part of the “We”.  Shelly and I are joining Hiking for Hope on a mission to hike 21 miles in the Grand Canyon in order to raise awareness and funding on behalf of Nepalese girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  Our team has a goal of raising $100,000 collectively to support The Lighthouse Foundation in Nepal, and we need your help!  Please consider joining us in being part of the “we” that takes action and does something to combat the evil of modern slavery.  We can make a difference for these girls and give them hope and a future!

Kelly & Cora Lursen


 Hiking 21 miles in the Grand Canyon on December 1 and 2 will be the biggest physical challenge we’ve ever attempted. Although there will be discomfort, our why to raise awareness and funds to rescue 10 Badi girls from sex trafficking in Nepal will be worth every mile we hike. Our personal goal is to raise $10,000 to rescue 10 girls which will provide  one year of safe housing, food and discipleship. Would you consider partnering with us in raising $10,000? Every dollar given will go  directly from Venture to Light House Foundation Nepal. 

Kevin and Janet Manley


To what extreme would you go to save one girl from being sex trafficked?   Would your story change if that one girl was someone you loved? In December of this year, we will have the opportunity to do an extreme hike of the Grand Canyon.  We will be raising awareness and financial  support to help girls and women from the Dalit ("Untouchables") caste in  Nepal who are forced into sexual slavery.  We will be supporting the Badi (lowest of the Dalit), where 7 out of 10 girls are being sold.  In some cases as young as 9 years old.  Our hiking team is call "Hiking For  Hope".  Through our efforts, we desire to provide these women and girls  HOPE.  Our goal as a team is to raise $100,000 to provide safe housing,  education, medical care, and food.  Would you join us and our team by giving whats on your heart to provide a girl a way out of trafficking. 

Ray & Judy Miller


In December we will be part of a team hiking the Grand Canyon to raise funds and awareness for the plight of many young girls in Nepal who have been sold into sex trafficking. We cannot imagine the trauma and heartbreak that results from the horrible events these young girls have lived through. As parents to four girls, it truly breaks our hearts and  has moved us to a place of action. We feel compelled to move - to do  something hard and uncomfortable - to show our hearts our broken for those being abused in the darkest of places in this world.

Our  team of 30 hikers is partnering with Venture, an organization that not only rescues girls from trafficking, but gives them a home, an education, and most importantly the love of Christ. Our team goal is to raise $100k to rescue 100 girls. Every $1,000 will provide enough funds for one girl to have a new life for one year.

If this speaks to your heart, please consider donating. 100% of every Venture donation will go directly to this cause.

Scott & Dawn Miller


Dawn and I are joining with our Hiking for Hope team to raise awareness and funding to rescue Nepalese girls from a life of sex slavery. Our team has a direct relationship with Light House Foundation Nepal, who are focused on rescuing and restoring young girls, many of which have been sold to sex traffickers by their own families.  You can learn more of their story by going to:   Light House Foundation Nepal provides the love of Christ through housing, food, clothing, and excellent education. 100% of what we raise will be given directly to them, all of which will be used to rescue these girls and offer them the love of Christ, self worth, social acceptance, as well as meeting their physical and educational needs. Please join us to help these girls in a very direct and meaningful way! 

Joseph Schurch


There's a song by For Today, titled Fight the Silence, that calls us to arms against the slavers, victimizers, the silencers. The song says, "when will we hear their cries?" and be the, "voice for the voiceless". This is the opportunity to look straight into the darkness and fight to pull the hopeless from their chains and give them a chance to stand. This mission goes out as a statement, that every human has equal value, that none are born greater than others, and no human ever deserves to be subject to sexual slavery. Stand with me to interject on the Badi girl's behalf.

Brent Silkey



Sex trafficking became personal when a friend from high school was trafficked. 

Over the last several years, I’ve met a handful of sex trafficking survivors and they all say the same thing - THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR OTHERS LIKE ME.

Hiking for Hope is an incredible opportunity to bring significant awareness to this rapidly-growing global injustice.  Our team is going to make a tangible difference in the lives of both sex trafficking victims and survivors.

Together, we can change their world.


Dave Skahen


I had no idea... I was completely unaware.  In January 2009, I was sitting in a movie theater watching "Taken."  I had never heard of sex trafficking until that moment, but I caught a glimpse of a father's love for his daughter through the movie.  Our heavenly Father's heart breaks at the injustice of sex slavery.  Jesus stopped at nothing so everyone could find freedom in Him.  His love compels me to not sit on the sidelines and watch, but get in the game  and be part of the solution and victory. Would you help me meet my goal and bring hope and healing in Jesus name to vulnerable girls in Nepal?

"You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know." - William Wilberforce

Pat & Lana Skahen


Our world was forever changed in October 2017 when we listened to a young Badi girl named Hannah speak at the Venture Gala.  Hannah told the horrific story of her older sister who was trafficked.  This sister has since been rescued and her now 5 fatherless children are students at Light House Foundation Nepal.  Hannah also told her inspiring story and the impact of Light House.  You can learn more of Hannah's story by going to:

Our team goal is to raise $100,000, which will provide safe housing and education for 100 girls for 1 year.  Please consider joining us as we bring hope to more Hannah's!  We feel so strongly about this cause that we will match every dollar given to our fund.


Colin Skoog


My sister is 11 years old and I can't imagine if someone sold her  into slavery. Many of the girls being taken are the same age as my  sister. I am doing this challenge because I want girls to go to a  hostel instead of a brothel. I want them to get education, safety and  hear about Jesus.  Another reason is my Grandpa is recovering from cancer and is hiking by my side.  6 months ago, we thought this would never happen.  I will be hiking up and down the Grand Canyon to stop human trafficking in Nepal. We will be hiking 21 miles in two days.  I am giving $100 out of the money I have saved. I convinced my parents to match every dollar that is given towards my campaign.  Please consider donating to help be a part of bringing girls out of slavery.

Ryan Skoog


In a dusty mountain village along the Nepali border, with the shadow of Mt. Everest looming, I looked out at a large group of children and asked my friend Raju, 'how many of these young girls will be sold', with tears he told me, 'almost all of them, but if we work quickly we can rescue one right now' That one girl, Landana, now wakes up in a hostel - not a brothel - with light in her eyes because of the love of Jesus, a sharp mind because she is in one of the best schools in Nepal, and the bright smile of a confident leader. My son Colin and I are joining my father in law (who just kicked cancer) because one more mile, for one more girl like Landana is worth every step, every drop of sweat, and every prayer ... every day.  

Jerry Strandquist


I count it a privilege to partner with Venture as they work with Light House Foundation Nepal to rescue the young girls in Nepal who are involved in sex trafficking.  I am going with a team from Cedar Valley Church as we hike down and up the south rim of the Grand Canyon. In doing this I’m helping to raise money to see young girls set free. I’m hoping that some of my friends and family will join me by contributing. I want to make it very clear that Kathy and I are contributing $1,000 to the cause and hoping that I can partner with others who might contribute with us.  I feel like it is a calling of mine to do something. What I am doing may not seem like very much but when we partner with others it is amazing what can be done. Venture has a great reputation and I trust everything they do. I know and trust the leaders and they are people of great integrity. In fact I was there when they began this exciting adventure and I am just so happy that I can participate.


Randy & Sheila Swanson


I was 11 when I learned what the Nazis did to the Jews in my 6th grade history class. I never knew such cruelty. I asked my grandma if she was alive during this time in history. She replied yes, and I asked if she was able to help the Jews? She said there was nothing she could do. The good news is Randy and I can do something to help the girls who are being cruelly mistreated. We live in a different time with the same, but different injustices.

Venture is an amazing mission.  100% of what you give goes towards rescuing, educating, caring for these girls. We are hiking the Grand Canyon to raise money for Light House Foundation Nepal. Our team goal is to raise $100,000. Our company will match your giving.

Betsy Swanson


On December 1st and 2nd I’ll be hiking the Grand Canyon, 5 hours down, 11 hours up with a team on a mission to raise money for girls caught in human trafficking. Ever since I was a little girl I had a heart for girls captured in human trafficking and this is why I hike.  In Nepal there is a caste system, at the bottom of this system are the Badi people. The Badi girls are raised to believe that they only serve a purpose of being a slave. I could have been born into this system, but I was not. $1,000 is enough for one girl to be in a safe house for a year and receive food, education, and feel genuine love.  Consider partnering with me and making a difference in the lives of the Badi girls.

Jake Swanson


I'm making my miles matter for VENTURE by raising money for each mile I log to go toward Anti-Trafficking. Please consider helping me meet my  goals and make a difference in the lives of people living in tough  situations.  I have a huge passion for this mission because I realize  life isn't fair and I want to use what God gave me to better people in tough situations.  

Darryl & Lisa Van Ravenhorst


Lisa  and I will be joining Hiking for Hope on a hike in the Grand Canyon.  A 2  day, 21 mile round trip hike to raise awareness and support for girls rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal. 

The money raised will be used to support the girls housed at Light House Foundation Nepal.  These girls are overcoming so many issues: self worth, family relationships (they are often sold by their parents into trafficking), social acceptance and many more. Light Hhouse provides housing, food,  education, clothing and a community of loving care.