The Cause


Some very sad facts about Badi girls...

  • There are an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 Nepali women/girls who are trafficked to Indian brothels each year. 
  • The lowest caste in Nepal is the Dalit.  The lowest people group within the Dalit are the Badi. They are called the “untouchables of the untouchables”.
  • 7 out of 10 Badi girls will be trafficked.
  • The girls are sold for as little as $90 USD.  
  • The younger the girl (as young as 9), the higher the price. 
  • These girls have been tortured, electrocuted, beaten, and raped as many as 40 times in one day. It’s unspeakable what happens to them. 
  • The rules of Hinduism dictate that members of the higher castes cannot allow the Badi into their houses, accept water or food from them, use the same village pump, or even brush against them; although higher caste men are allowed to have sex with Badi prostitutes.
  • LA Times Quote: “South Asia's caste system is infamous. The ancient tradition that once rigidly defined people's occupations continues to shape their social status and sense of self-worth. But few living under its influence are as degraded as the Badis of southwestern Nepal. Sometimes called untouchables among the untouchables — Badi women have for decades been born into a life of prostitution.”