Hannah's Story


Listening to Hannah speak at the Venture Gala in October 2017 has forever changed our lives and was the inspiration for Hiking for Hope.  Here is a summary of her story:

  • When Hannah was very young, her older sister was stolen by a family friend and sold into sex trafficking for what amounted to $30.
  • Hannah's sister has since been rescued, but not before she was raped over 20,000 times and given birth to 5 children, that now attend Light House.
  • 9 years ago Hannah was one of the first girls given the opportunity to attend Light House Foundation Nepal.
  • Hannah is now the first Badi ever to graduate from high school.
  • Because of the efforts of many and the grace of God, Hannah is on a much different path than many of her peers. To illustrate... she has the goal of being the first women Prime Minister of Nepal - a beautiful illustration of HOPE.
  • Please join our mission to help more Hannah's be free to live their dreams.

For more on Hannah, watch this short inspiring video.